Change Log

Esseker Change Log – “Stay a while and listen..”

08.06.2016 – v0.8

*Added a new large location near Esseker; “Villa Victoria”

arma3 2016-05-25 19-56-43-41

Villa Victoria Hotel

*Reworked the satellite image, changed the colors to fit with  the 1.6 patch for Arma 3 

*Changed the oversized bushes that plagued the entire map, we will probably revisit the bushes again in the future

*Redone the cliffs under the Neptune resort, looks much more natural now


arma3 2016-05-22 19-38-47-14

Cliffs under Neptune Resort

*Started working on the train tracks. For now they span from Esseker to Petlov Grad and come with two tunnels.

*Numerous tweaks around Petlov Grad, Esseker and removed the ground bug in Camp Spencer

*Tweaked the ground clutter in forests



Greetings and salivations people.


So a wee bit more than 2 months has passed since the last time I placed a bush on Esseker. Feels weird. I never thought I would miss those bulletproof monstrosities.

Getting to a point where we can call our selves “settled in Ireland” is, evidently, not without it’s challenges and it’s taking a bit longer then expected. We are eager to continue improving the map, as I mentioned in the previous post, we have lots of plans for it, but our current (and hopefully very temporary)financial situation is barely allowing us to afford a calculator, let alone a computer. So we have decided to try and reach out once more.

If you have any spare computer parts lying about that you don’t need much or they belong to a sibling you don’t like much or you like Esseker very much and would love to support it’s development (and development of new maps as well); you could consider donating those to the cause. Computer screens, mother boards, graphic cards, computer cases… anything that you have that we could use to assemble a PC. We do not need a beastly computer.  Something that could run Arma at 15-20 frames should be enough for a steady workflow, so any functioning computer part that is a few years old would be of an immense help to us.

Bare in mind, that we will continue to develop Esseker either way, without anyones support this will simply happen on a much later date. Your donations would serve to greatly expedite this and, of course, to make us feel the feels. We have the free time to work on the map, we simply don’t have the means.

If you would like to help us out, please contact us over the main page so we can make plans and arrangements, you awesome, awesome person you.


ThcMonkee, he who wares no pants.




Greetings and salutations peoples.

As many of you probably noticed, we had been updating the map roughly once per week, this required a dedication of a few hours every day. Tiring, but satisfying. Unfortunately this will now have to change. Drastically. First thing to note is that we have been abroad for the last 10 days, so our time spent on the map was extremely limited, meaning that the new patch will only contain bug fixes, tweaks and beautifications, and no new locations. Second, more important thing to note is that my brother Ronhill and me are moving to Ireland on Monday. What does this mean for the Esseker map you ask? Is it doomed? Will everything turn to ash? What are we even doing on this pale blue dot? Is there a place for us in the grand scheme of the universe? Well, map development will have to be put on hold until we settle down in Ireland. Find a place to stay, find work and save enough money to buy at least one computer. Then we will install Arma Tools and continue working on Esseker. We still have many more plans for it.

Development will continue eventually. But it greatly depends on donations how quickly this will happen. I completely understand peoples hesitation to part with your hard earned money, but if you love Esseker, if you enjoy spending time on it and would love to see it get bigger and better, there is no better time to donate because there was never a time we needed you support more.

We are grateful to everyone who donated thus far and rest assured that your names will be permanently engraved in the new Supporter Park in Esseker city as soon as we get our PCs up and running.

In the meantime, we will still follow the community and make notes of your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message over the main page on our website.

Continue being awesome.


ThcMonkee, he who wares no pants.


Esseker Change Log – “You got a real purty mouth…”

07.06.2015 – v0.75

*Made Rama prettier and a bit more difficult to snipe from the church

*Made different parts of Esseker prettier and more detailed, most notably the two parks around the hospital

*Added a few more hidden little forest locations, such as the Farewell Oak (you’ll know it when you see it)

*Fixed the Gromada Cave mess. It was a result of a bug on our side that made all the rock on the map move to a random direction. There will still be a few oddities with it but now it can be traversed safely.

*Fixed the Esseker construction yard player sliding

Esseker Change Log – Like moths to a flame

06.10.2015 – v0.72


We had some heavy drama here on our end with Arma tools pretty much exploding all the objects on the map, this has been the reason why the patch was delayed as much as it was. But, all is well that ends well, the issue has been fixed, the beast has been slayed, the stone has been passed and the new patch is here. With it comes the usual amount of fixes and revisions plus two new locations, a major one in the south and a minor one in the far north, plus a nifty construction site in the central Esseker and a parking lot on the airfield, making it feel a bit more complete. Still not quite there yet though.

*Added:New military complex Plava Vrana (Blue Raven) south of Neptune. This will be the last military location we add.

Esseker Plava Vrana Military Complex

Plava Vrana (Blue Raven) Military Complex

*Added:New “DoubleTap” Gun range, north-west of camp Spencer

Esseker DoubleTap Gun Range

DoubleTap Gun Range

*Added: Central Esseker construction site and an airfield parking lot

Esseker Airfield Parking Lot

Adela Airfield Parking Lot

Esseker Construction Site

Construction site in Central Esseker

Last second revision revealed that walking on concrete around the construction site is a bit wonky thanks to some Arma quirks, (should be safe though, hopefully) this will be fixed in the next patch 

*We have further polished the satellite image( aka the huge ground texture), you will see a lot less visual oddities on it now

*Bug fix: The tree in the air above the radio tower near Neptune has been plucked out of existence

*Bug fix: fixed the two towers in Old Esseker, one had a wall through it and another one was nigh impossible to climb

*Bug fix: small groups of stones that were in the water have been deleted, they were causing players getting Arma’d, stuck in place forcing players to relog. This should no longer be a thing. If you find any spots you can get stuck, please screenshot it and report it.

*More invisible collision boxes have been added, so more surfaces have been made safer, again, report any spots that break your legs, puts you in the hover dance, swallow you or kill you.

*Added a small token of gratitude for Lt_Grim626 for his 50$ Patreon love as well as his continued feedback and bug reports. Smooth moves mate, smooth moves.


Esseker Change Log – Bowels of Esseker

05.27.2015 – v0.61


Further bux fixes, revisions, details and new locations to the north and east. Further patches will start flirting with the southern part of the map.


*Added a major new location- Gromada preserved cave complex. This is a community suggested location, so pat yourselves on the back and thank yourselves, community. (It sure is a biggun, so please free to complain if you notice a large frame rate drop when you are in or around it)

arma3 2015-05-27 16-29-02-55arma3 2015-05-27 16-30-48-44


*New city to the east, Danilov.

arma3 2015-05-27 16-12-55-80

*Started implementing our invisible collision boxes. By placing them over surfaces that are not meant to be walked on, we can allow players to walk on rocks with more confidence, walk on rooftops that would otherwise put players into a hovering dance animations and even enter buses you previously couldn’t enter and other nifty tricks.

arma3 2015-05-27 16-16-20-00

A bus in Danilov, occupied and possibly containing loot.

Like I said, this is a collision box that we set in the world by hand, it’s nothing automated, we haven’t yet covered the map in them so if you find buses you can’t enter yet or if you find surfaces you should be able to walk on but can’t, let us know and we will get on it.



*Deleted the two houses in the field between Gulash and the river, no idea who placed them there in the first place, we begin to suspect map trolls.

*We fixed some other map trolls shenanigans, like trees inside houses and misaligned walls.



Esseker Change Log – Quick Fix

05.22.2015 – v0.56

Just relesed some fixes in 0.56 today
We watched a lot of videos you guys posted on youtube… there has been some reports of bugs right after the 0.55 so im gonna give you a list of what we did

*Fixed hangar glitch on airfiled
*Fixed glitch with arma 3 barracks building in camp Spencer that was a problem on Bornholm too


*Cant glitch anymore through this wall in Novi


*Replaced Villa in Esseker city…. now you will actually be able to land on it with a heli :)


*There is no more bobine2 object error on start

*Fixed the height of some buildings on the map

Esseker Change Log – Numero Uno
05.19.2015 – v0.55


Since this is the very first change log I would like to also point out a common misconception among the players. More specifically, regarding what exactly falls under Ronhills and mine jurisdiction. We, as map makers are not affiliated with any of the current Arma 3 mods out there. Anything regarding loot or player spawns, whether, fog, weapon selection, amount of vehicles or what trees you can chop down or what gas stations are actually usable- all fall under the domain of the mod that you are using. In these terms the map will feel quite different depending on which mod you play. We only design the map, which means buildings, roads, lakes, rivers, forests, random locations and such; this is our thing. We can put a hidden camp site in the woods but it’s up to the modders to actually use it as a loot spawn.

With that said, we are in a dialog with modders with the purpose to adept, synchronize, compromise and otherwise combine our forces to give you guys the best possible gameplay experience. It simply takes a bit of time.

There, I got that of my chest, so on with the patch notes…


We reviewed all the feedback and watched quite a few YouTube videos and fixed numerous bugs that people encountered; like floating buildings and ladders, busted bridges, bushes growing on roads or in the air or simply being overly angled and all manner of shenanigans. Keep the feedback coming people!

*Added rocks at the base of the promenade to allow people to get out and get into the river (although swimming in Arma 3 still sucks)

*Added two new towns – Tuk and Krupa

Tuk village, Stevan’s backyard



*Revisited the rather secretly placed cliff cave, players that found it should be glad to hear that it is a much safer place now.

*Added arrow statues on random locations in the lower part of the map for your convenience


Your friendly neighborhood arrow statue

The arrows are all pointing north, toward the populated part of the map. There are a few locations in the south but not enough to justify wondering around on foot. If you see an arrow statue it’s best to follow it’s suggestion.

*Tweaked Esseker city a bit, this is just a first small step in what will be a massive rework to the city that will eventually aim to melt brains and burst eyeballs. No joke.

*Expanded Nekrashuk, the old village in the woods

Nekrashuk village, eastern part

*Added a number of less then impressive random locations

*Beautified some places (that didn’t really need beautifying)



ThcMonkee, he who wares no pants.