A true post-apocalypse setting

- By Ronhill and ThcMonkee -

About Esseker

Esseker is a work-in-progress map for Arma 3 aiming to capture the feeling of survival in a semi-fictional Eastern European country after the fall of civilization.
Can you survive Esseker?

Esseker region, named after it's largest city, was once a tourist paradise, rich in folklore and natural beauty and inhabited by simple people who's tradition and hospitality charmed people all over the world. It was a region in the rise, a beacon of hope to it's otherwise poor country. But when the virus broke loose , it stood almost completely defenseless. Flocking visitors brought the virus to every corner of Esseker before the symptoms even started showing. By the time medical teams from the neighboring countries landed in the hopes of combating what was then an unknown disease, the infection had already turned into a pandemic. Local military attempted to quarantine the region with the help of UN and US forces and USAMRIID established a temporary military camp with a bio-hazard laboratory but before they could grab a real foothold, the pandemic turned global. The military force, being spread thin across the globe was forced to abandon the region, leaving the civilian populace to fend for themselves. Now, in the aftermath of a global event that wiped away more then half of the world's population, Esseker is a home only to the brave and the insane.

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